When do I prune my Crepe Myrtle’s?
In our area late February is the best time to prune.
How do I prune my Crepe Myrtle’s?
    If you have done your homework and picked a variety that will not out grow the area
that it is planted, then this is an easy question to answer.  You will cut them very little. 
Just eliminate cross branches and a few side branches every season as the plant gets a little
larger.  Basically, you are cutting to achieve a certain form.  The goal is to never cut the
top out of the Crepe Myrtle.  
    The practice of cutting off the tops of crepe myrtle has become very commonplace, but
is an incorrect way to prune this plant.  The reason people do this is because they have
picked a Crepe Myrtle that is out growing their area, and they don’t have a choice.  A lot
of times people cut them back to exactly the same spot every year. This can cause the tree
to develop gnarly growths (fists) that generally puts on weaker branches that cannot
perform like normal. This is referred to as crepe murder, don’t do this.  If you must top
the crepe myrtle, because you have picked a selection that gets to big for your area, at
least move up with your cuts a little every year, so that these fists do not develop. 
    Remember:  try to pick a variety that has a mature height that you like, this will help you avoid having to cut the top out of the plant every season.  Crepe Myrtle’s bloom on new growth, so cut them back if necessary, before the new growth of the season begins.  Usually late February in our area is the best time to trim Crepe Myrtle’s.   


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