These are some of our popular ground covers
Ajuga Evergreen, Best in part sun to full shade.  Blue flowers april-may, spacing 12-18”
Asian Jasmine Evergreen, Full sun to part shade.  Fast growing.  
Big blue liriope  Evergreen, Full sun to full shade. 12-15” tall, space 8-12” apart. 
Candy tuft  Evergreen, Full sun to light shade. White blooms in spring. 
Carolina Jasmine Evergreen, Best in full to part shade but will live in full shade, just
doesn’t bloom as well.  Yellow flowers in late winter early spring. 
Cotoneaster Evergreen, Full sun to light shade.  Spring flowers, winter berries
English Ivy Evergeen, Full sun to Full shade. space 18-24” apart.
Ice Plant Evergreen, Full sun to light shade. Blooms in summer. spacing 12-18”
Junipers:  Andora, blue rug, Blue pacific, Parsoni, Bar harbor.  Full sun is best,
heights vary with variety as does spacing.
Mondo grass Evergreen, Part to full shade. Space 6-8” apart.  
Pachysandra (Japanese Spurge) Evergreen, Morning sun to full shade.  space 6” apart. 
Phlox Full sun to part shade.  Spring bloomer. 
Purple leaf Wintercreeper Euonymous Evergreen, Full sun to full shade. 1-2’ high and
6-8’ wide. Green leaves in spring and summer turning dark red to purple in fall and winter.  
Secretia (purple Heart) Full sun to light shade12-18” high and 12” wide, purple foliage,
purple blooms. Not real attractive in winter usually, but recovers quickly in spring.  
Vinca minor Evergreen, Part to Full shade. blue flowers, space 18” apart.
Winter Jasmine Deciduous, Full sun or shade, fast growing, yellow flowers in spring gets
4’ tall roots where ever its limbs touch soil. 


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